Visualizing GPS Data from Skiing

By daniel - Posted on 30 May 2008

Another test application for visualizing data collected by my GPS logger. This time the data is from skiing at Whistler Mountain.

I only made it to Whistler once for skiing this past winter season but I didn't forget my GPS logger. I collected the day's data and, aside from browsing Google Earth a couple times, it's remained untouched.

Update: Replaced the demo with a screenshot since Drupal integration kept breaking down. Here's what it looked like.

Skiing GPS Visualization

Well, I've finally included it in a map visualization, a visualization which has been torn down and rebuilt over the past several weeks. The end result hasn't changed much, but here's an idea of what's different:

  • Rebuilt the visualization in Flex
  • Now using the Yahoo Maps API instead of UMap
  • Data is tied in with a new Drupal content type and loaded into Flex using XML-RPC!
  • The GPS logger data was modified using a simple editor which also ties into Drupal

The Drupal integration is mainly for the purposes of Gone Nomad but I'm building it as a module which I hope to release down the road.

As before, fatter lines indicate more time spent at a location while thin lines mean I was zipping down the hill.