Vancouver Set to Publish Open Datasets

I attended the Net Tuesday Meetup last night and got to see a variety of people talk about the cool projects they're undertaking in Vancouver. Turns out there's a lot going on, but there was one presentation in particular that struck a chord with me.

SketchyD Favourites for August

The top picks from SketchyD this month are dogs, squirrels, and shooting. It's not as hunty as it sounds.

Using ASDoc with MXML Files and Included Scripts

The new ASDoc tool in Flex 4 does a great job getting rid of problems documenting with MXML components. You can now document projects that contain references to MXML and you can document the MXML components themselves!

The ASDoc documentation generator tool that ships with Flex is extremely useful but not without its drawbacks. In Flex 3, ASDoc's support for MXML files is missing completely: not only does it produce no documentation for MXML files, it won't even compile if your regular ActionScript classes make any references to MXML components.

Are Situations the Root of All Evil?

Phillip Zimbardo's talk about how ordinary people can become monsters gives interesting insight into humans and evil. He did some research in a mock prison where he took good, ordinary people and made half of them prisoners and the other half prison guards.

The Scope of this Blog is Expanding

Currently, this blog is mostly an outlet for programming experiments and a resource for technical tutorials and source code. Those will continue with their regular irregularity, however, I'm shifting the scope a bit to also include less-technical topics and ideas.

PayPal Can't Handle Identical Home and Business Addresses

This one's for people who use PayPal for their home business.

Apparently, the PayPal system isn't able to use the same address for home and business. When I moved, I created a new address, set it as my home address, and updated my credit cards. Problem was, the old address was still listed as my business address.

Import Multiple RSS Feeds into Facebook Notes

Facebook's notes application doesn't have a built-in way to handle multiple streams of RSS input. You only get to choose one URL to import your notes from and that's what appears on your profile. However, if you've got multiple streams of content you can still have it all published on Facebook.

Ideas on Tap Tonight!

Deadlines prevented me from giving up a full day to Flex/AIR training. Still a little disappointed about that as I'm sure I would have learned a lot. So try again. Barring some major catastrophe, I will be attending Ideas on Tap tonight.

Looking forward to hearing the speakers. Hears a quick rundown.

Free Day of Flex/Flash/AIR Training!

If you're in Vancouver or thereabouts and would like to learn up on Flex, Flash, and AIR, now's your chance! On Thursday there's a free full day of training. They're calling it "RIA Day" and it's happening at the Vancouver Harbour Centre.

ASDoc Notes: Tags and Excluding Classes

Some quick notes using Adobe's ASDoc tool for generating Actionscript documentation.