RIP: A Remix Manifesto. Mashups and Copyright

Last night I saw the sneak preview of Brett Gaylor's documentary, RIP: A Remix Manifesto, a film about copyright in the internet age. We live in a society where downloading music and movies is easy. The technology that makes it possible raises a lot of questions about intellectual property.

Midforms 09 is Coming!

Yesterday I helped setup Midforms 09, a three-day digital media event in Vancouver. There's lots more to do but already I can see how awesome this exhibit is going to be.

Stephen Jagger at Third Tuesday

It's been nearly a week since entrepreneur Stephen Jagger spoke at Third Tuesday but I wanted to post some of the highlights of his presentation, "Tools for Growth."

Now the title of the talk didn't quite describe the topic: Jagger's list of tools were more relevant to cutting costs and running virtual businesses. One of the businesses he's involved with runs a real estate website, Ubertor. Since it's founding eight years ago, the company made a transition from the typical office-based company to a virtual business where everybody worked from home.

Nature's Mandatory Downtime

recovering. by-symptoms: bed blanket claustrophobia, lipton chicken noodle soup overdose, and too much singing with the "sexy," smoky voice.

It's not often I get sick and it's been years since illness has kept me away from work for more than a day. I spent Monday to Wednesday and most of Thursday lying in bed with no energy.

Improving the Baby Name Explorer Interface

The Baby Name Brainstorm

The new baby name visualization tool from Baby Name Brainstorm has been making the rounds in all the visualization blogs. It's a great platform for exploring a huge data set of first names. It's aesthetically pleasing, very responsive, and a pleasure to use.

That said, I noticed a couple things that could be improved.

Doing Business with the U.S.: Getting Your TIN/EIN

The IRS requires companies in the United States to maintain a list of vendors, including a record of each company's Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) also known as an Employer Identification Number (EIN). Individuals and most small companies don't seem to bother with it—at least for foreign businesses—but when the client has its own accounting department they'll be asking for your TIN.

Today's Flash Meetup: Sequencing Actions in Flex

Checked out the Vancouver Flash Meetup for the first time tonight. Ross Ladell runs the show and while tonight's meetup was a little disorganized (he's gotta work, too!), he did present some pretty interesting and useful code.

On the Usefulness of Twitter

Yes, I use Twitter.

In some circles, that would mean I'm up on social media. In others, it's a confession. After eight months I haven't broken one "tweet" per day so I'm still sitting on the fence but I'm starting to see the benefit of receiving the updates.

Chasing a Bus for Its Free Wireless

Phew, it's been a while since posting here. The last two months have been super awesome/busy/exciting with work. Things still aren't slowing down but I'm gonna make an effort to keep this blog updated. If you're interested in what I've been up to, check out the Asterisq blog.

For now...

Setting Goals for a Web Marketing Experiment

I've got a good product which I've been constantly improving, a bunch of happy customers, and a website for sales and support. Most of these customers found me through a link from this blog or from a blog post about the online visualization market at FlowingData.

In that very same blog post, Nathan Chase expressed a bit of surprise that I hadn't done any marketing. Now I think it's finally time to do something about it.