Eval in AS3: Tips for Executing Dynamic Actionscript

If you miss the eval method from AS2, the AS3 Eval library from Hurlant is what you're looking for. I found there were extras I needed so I created a wrapper class which you might find useful.

Regular Expressions: No Such Thing as Repeated Captures?

Finally found a tough spot where regular expressions don't perform. If you're trying to capture a list of values with unknown length, you could be up for some extra work!

Constellation Roamer Featured on Flowing Data

Nathan Yau just posted an article about the market for online visualizations and featured Constellation Roamer as one of the available "premium visualization" products. It's an interesting comparison of the online visualization tools that are out there from a business perspective. He's already got quite a discussion going in the comments so go have look.

Tracking Progress of a Server-Side Action in Flash/Flex

The ProgressBar component in Flash and Flex can easily be used to indicate the progress of a file download. Here, we'll use a simple method to display the progress of some other server-side action, such as parsing a large file.

Processing Without Blocking Execution in ActionScript 3.0

When processing large amounts of data you end up leaving the user with an inactive application or even worse, an prompt asking if they want to stop script execution. I've factored out asynchronous processing into a class which I hope you'll find handy.

Animated Magnetic Field Visualizations

Just a quick link to a very cool visualization of magnetic fields by Semiconductor. Apparently the effect is closer to art than science but the lines and sounds have a really great aesthetic. It would be really cool to have this sort of information displayed live using an augmented reality system.

Visualizing GPS Data from Skiing

Another test application for visualizing data collected by my GPS logger. This time the data is from skiing at Whistler Mountain.

I only made it to Whistler once for skiing this past winter season but I didn't forget my GPS logger. I collected the day's data and, aside from browsing Google Earth a couple times, it's remained untouched.

What's the Point of a Business Account for Freelancers?

I was always under the impression that a business account is something desirable, that there were benefits of having one. Maybe lower fees or advantageous account types. If you're a web-based freelancer thinking about a business account you might want to reconsider.

The Periodic Table of Visualization

Just stumbled on the periodic table of visualization which shows several different types of visualizations including tree maps, flow charts, and venn diagrams. Best of all, you can see examples of each by rolling over it's little square. Great resource thanks to Visual Literacy!

Getting Flickr Photos into Drupal Blog Posts... Quick!

I've cleaned up the process of adding images from Flickr to my blog posts. If you're interested in seeing how it was done and downloading a hashed-together module, keep reading.