Streamlining the Blogging Experience with Drupal

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I saw some great tricks at the recent WordPress camp; tricks that make it more pleasant to write blog posts. I've implemented some of these ideas in my Drupal blog so read on to find out how you can make blogging easier for yourself.

In my previous post I spoke of WordCamp Vancouver, a blogging event that inspired me plenty. One of the things I realized was that the process of writing these blog posts could be smoother. Two tools of note:

You Should Have Gone to Wordpress Camp Vancouver

Kulpreet Singh giving us the rundown on creating catalogue or e-commerce sites using WordPress. Photo by .

...or you're glad you did.

The inaugural WordCamp Vancouver was inspiring and fun. Seven people spoke on a good variety of topics including writing better content, using WordPress as a platform for developing websites, and monetizing a blog.

Expanding/Resizing a Flash SWF Using Javascript

You might have seen Flash advertisements or video players where the Flash movie expands beyond its original borders. The basic implementation is a javascript resize but there are a couple ways to go about this, each yielding quite a different effect.

I just did a bit of research on expanding a SWF beyond its original boundaries. You often see video players with a button that lets you expand the size of the player. This article looks at a couple ways to implement this functionality.

Visualize Your Wordpress Blog Posts and Categories

This has got to be the easiest way to get your Wordpress blog data into a graph visualization. I've done most of the legwork for integrating with Constellation Roamer so all you have to do is set some configuration options and upload. Give it a try!

Similar Music Visualization: Compare Artists and Genres

A quick test for visualizing similar artist data harvested from MusicBrainz and Last.FM. It's also been coupled with Amazon's web service so you can see a list of albums sold by the artist.

I've been working on a backend web service data harvester for several months. Now that it's ready I put together a Constellation visualization as quickly as I could.

Flash Graph Visualizations at

Constellation Roamer, a Flash graph visualization tool, is now available for purchase at

Getting Text Node Contents from XML in Actionscript 3.0

A comparison of the output of different XML methods when trying to extract text from a node.

Following up on a Mark's comment regarding XML text nodes, I ended up comparing the output of a handful of XML methods in different situations. The overall problem is grabbing HTML from an element.

With XML entities encoded

The first set of results takes XML data which uses the correct XML entities. In the code below, the bold tag has been properly encoded.

Tips for Using Custom Mouse Cursors in Flash AS3

This article goes over the basics of implementing custom mouse cursors in ActionScript 3.0 and offers some tips for making it behave in a more professional way.

Custom mouse pointers are pretty easy to implement in ActionScript 3.0 Flash movies. I'll go over the basics first, but if you want to skip to the bits about making it look more professional, be my guest.

Multi-Column Layouts in Flash and Flex

An implementation for building multi-column layouts in Flash. The text spans across multiple text fields, each with different dimensions and even font styles. Check out the demo after the jump.

Span Slider Component for Selecting a Range of Values

I built a slider component with adjustable lower and upper thresholds. Perfect for selecting time periods or other values that cover a range.