GPS Coordinate Editor Using Flash and Google Maps

I built an editor for adding and removing markers in a poly line. The editor features your basic select, add, and delete functions, and also uses a pretty nifty algorithm to determine the characterizing points out of hundreds of candidate points.

A Better Image Management Module for Drupal

I've tried Image module, Img Assist, IMCE, and CCK + Views + Imagefield + Imagecache and they've all left me wanting something better. What it has given me is a pretty good idea of what I want.

Copy a Flash SWF Image to the Clipboard Using Javascript

The final steps for taking a screenshot of a Flash movie and placing it on the clipboard. Sadly, this last step is only implemented in Internet Explorer but there's some information for Firefox in the article as well.

Embedding Base64 Image Data into a Webpage

This is part two of a tutorial for taking a screenshot of a Flash movie and putting it into a webpage using Javascript. As you might expect, Internet Explorer and Firefox have different ways of going about embedding the image data in HTML. Details after the click-through.

Use Javascript to Take a Screenshot of a Flash Movie

This is the first part of a tutorial for allowing a user to take a screenshot of a SWF and save it to their clipboard. In this section, we grab the image data in Flash, encode it as a PNG, and send it to Javascript.

I've been doing a lot of research lately on fetching an image of a SWF and embedding it in HTML, downloading it, and copying it to the clipboard. This page details how to take the screenshot and send the data to Javascript. It has been tested in Firefox and IE 6 & 7.

I've Gone Legit: Registering a Business in Canada

I was pleasantly surprised to find that registering a small business—at least, in B.C.—is a pretty smooth process. Sure, you have to do your research beforehand, but once the decision is made it's not so bad. As for running a business...

Calculate the Distance to the Edge of Any Shape*

I wrote a custom renderer for Constellation which can represent nodes with squares, triangles, or pentagons. And in order to have arrows pointing at the nodes without overlap I got to do some math...

amCharts in Flex?

There is a variety of splendid Flash charts available for free at amCharts. Unfortunately, they're designed for embedding in HTML pages and don't work so well in Flex.

Visualizing Velocity Along a Path on a Map

Check out this demo of some data from my GPS logger displayed over Google Maps. The interesting part here is that the path varies in thickness to indicate how much time I spent in an area.

Actionscript 3.0 Splines with Variable Thickness

I recently ported a script that draws splines of varying thickness to ActionScript 3.0. Click through for the demo and a link to Michal Migurski's original script.