Laptop Graphics Problem: Is Firefox Showing the Wrong Colour?

I was still having graphics driver problems on my laptop and now it's finally fixed... I think. I took the advice of an anonymous commenter on my blog and visited

Hans Rosling's Talk, with Visualizations of World Demographics

Another quick link—I was catching up on my feeds and came across this video of a brilliant talk by Hans Rosling. This guy is a Professor of International Health and currently the director of Gapminder, an organization that promotes global development through better understanding of statistics. They were initially focused on developing the visualization software, Trendalyzer, a project which was taken over by Google.

Setting Up Eclipse for Tomcat Development

There are some great resources out there that make it a pleasure to work on Tomcat projects using the Eclipse IDE. This tutorial is one of them.

Umbrella People... in Perspective!

An old side-project. After working through the equations for translating 3D points to a 2D screen I decided to apply it to a little animation.

This is a really old side-project that uses 3D perspective to place and size a bunch of people carrying umbrellas. I also put together the animations.

A Couple Projects from the Attic

Finally sat down and backed up my files to an external hard drive. Copying files isn't terribly interesting but going through my archived projects folder was interesting. I decided to post links to two of the projects that are still online.

Creative Thinking as the Regurgitation of Old Ideas

Just got back from a talk put on by the Vancouver User Experience Group titled, "Creative Thinking Hacks." The speaker, Scott Berkun, certainly hit a lot of interesting points during those ninety minutes.

Facebook Mutual Friend Network Visualization in Flash

A prototype Flash application for visualizing your friend network on Facebook. Find out which of your friends know each other and see your different groups of friends.

How to Get the Current Page's URL into Flash

A quick trick for determining the URL of the page in which your Flash movie is embedded. This could be useful for keeping track of the state of a web application but it does rely on Javascript being enabled.

How I Fixed the Graphics Driver Bug on My Asus F3S Lappie

One of the few problems that I've had with my laptop after downgrading to Windows XP on my Asus F3SA notebook was caused by the driver for my graphics card. Yesterday I poked around for a solution and it seems the problems are fixed!

Playing with Fibonacci in Visualization Layout Algorithms

The tightly-packed seeds of a sunflower are a popular example of the occurrence of the Fibonacci sequence in nature and certainly not the only one. Some time ago I read an article about using Fibonacci numbers and the Golden Ratio to create pleasing layouts and logos. Here's an example of how I've applied the idea.

Sunflower image by Esdras Calderan