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Javascript QR Code Library

QR Code for Developer Jeopardy

Actually found a good use for a QR code in a Jeopardy implementation being used for Mack Flavelle's Developer Jeopardy meetup. Players can join the game by navigating to a shortened URL or by using a QR code displayed on the main screen.

OpenFrameworks Building but Not Running in Xcode?

Just getting started with OpenFrameworks 007 in Xcode 4.2.1 and when I clicked the little play button to run some of the example apps, it would give me a "build succeeded" but wouldn't run the app. It took me a while to figure out why some projects worked and others didn't.

The problem was no application was defined in the build scheme so there was nothing to run. In fact, if you go to the Product menu the entry for Run was disabled.

Another symptom is that the .app file appears in red in the left sidebar since the link is broken and the file doesn't exist.

Visualizing LinkedIn Connections Using Protovis

I wanted to see my LinkedIn connections in an interactive, force-directed graph visualization. This demo uses Protovis to make the visualization interactive.

New Twitter Network Graph Viz

Mentionmap Twitter visualization

I just finished up a graph visualization for your Twitter network. It's a dynamic, interactive application that tracks the number of times you mentioned other users or hashtags.

How Google Website Optimizer Encourages Visitors to Act

I learned a lot about Google Website Optimizer in a presentation at Net Tuesday Vancouver earlier this week. I also have a write-up on Adsense from the same event, if you're interested.

Import Drupal Comments into Disqus

Among the recent updates to this powered-by-Drupal blog is a switch to having Disqus manage comments. The standard comment module has a few shortcomings which are solved by Disqus. However, Disqus isn't without its own problems and the absent "import comments from Drupal" functionality is one of them.

Getting the Most Out of Google Adsense

I checked out the Net Tuesday meetup last night. If you're not familiar with the group, they're bring together social change organizations and social/web media types. Last month's meetup showcased some exciting projects going on in Vancouver so I was looking forward to my second time at Net Tuesday.

Website Back Online With a New Theme

I started the process of upgrading to Drupal 6. Turned out, I had terrible timing and was suddenly swamped with work so the website has been down for several days now. Happy to say it's back up and running.

Downside is, I still don't have time to properly complete the upgrade so there's going to be a lot of quirky behaviour. If you find broken or strangely-behaving pages, you can help me out by giving me a heads up.


Setting Up OpenFrameworks with Code::Blocks

I just got setup with OpenFrameworks which is sort of the C++ version of the popular Processing engine. OpenFrameworks launched fairly recently so I had a few kinks getting up and running. Hopefully this helps.

I'm using Code::Blocks as my editor, and OpenFrameworks prerelease v0.06 on Windows XP. At the end of the tutorial you'll have compiled and run an OpenFrameworks application that does nothing. Fortunately, it doesn't die spewing errors either. (-;

Do You Have a Polling Addiction?

My name is Daniel and I'm a polling addict. Anyone who works on a computer connected to the internet knows what I'm talking about. It's those compulsive visits to the likes of Craigslist, eBay, and even services like Google Analytics to see if there's been any change. We're waiting for new job postings or new bids or a slew of new visits from a referring website. Each of these tools definitely has its use but we polling addicts check on them with pointless frequency.