New Twitter Network Graph Viz

Mentionmap Twitter visualization

I just finished up a graph visualization for your Twitter network. It's a dynamic, interactive application that tracks the number of times you mentioned other users or hashtags.

Similar Music Visualization: Compare Artists and Genres

A quick test for visualizing similar artist data harvested from MusicBrainz and Last.FM. It's also been coupled with Amazon's web service so you can see a list of albums sold by the artist.

I've been working on a backend web service data harvester for several months. Now that it's ready I put together a Constellation visualization as quickly as I could.

Facebook Mutual Friend Network Visualization in Flash

A prototype Flash application for visualizing your friend network on Facebook. Find out which of your friends know each other and see your different groups of friends.

Constellation: Thinkmap-Like Graph Visualizations in Flash

Flash network visualization interface

These Thinkmap-like interfaces are perfect for displaying social networks, sitemaps, and citation maps. I've developed visualizations for several projects using Actionscript. To find out about the interface and see other implementations, read on.