Pizza Prints

By daniel - Posted on 22 January 2011

Pepperoni, Mushroom, Olive, and Green Pepper

Creative projects become a lot more interesting when you can interpret the requirements from a different angle. I was taking a print making course and the assignment was woodcut: carve up a plywood board, cover it with ink, and print the image on a piece of paper.

It was in my Greek & Roman Art History course where I got the idea to roll the print instead of using a flat wooden panel. A slide showed a cylindrical stone which was rolled across official documents, leaving behind an official insignia.

A quick 2 * PI * r calculation confirmed that a rolling pin could print a decent-sized pizza. I bought half a dozen rolling pins and started into them with chisels and a Dremel tool.

It was painstaking work but soon I had green pepper, pepperoni, mushroom, and black olive toppings. Then, one night in the print building I rolled ink in black, green, and red. I printed the crust first and then mixed and matched the toppings until I had some fifty pizzas.