By daniel - Posted on 21 January 2011

Mentionmap Twitter visualization

Update: This project was spun off as a company, Mentionmapp, and sold to Overinteractive Media. Read about it on TechVibes.

Mentionmap was created to show off the work we do at my company, Asterisq. Using this tool, you can get an idea of a Twitter user's "conversation network" with a quick glance.

The selected user usually ends up at the center and lines connect the users they talk to the most. The more "mentions" between any pair of users, the thicker the line.

Each user is represented by their profile photo and username and the most frequently mentioned hashtags are displayed as connections, too.

There were a lot of reasons to visualize Twitter data:

  • People readily share interesting links with each other on Twitter so it provided a platform for spreading the word.
  • The Twitter API is freely available, if a bit temperamental.
  • For Twitter users, the graph visualization we generate is personal because it shows their interactions.

Mentionmap gets more than 2,000 visits a day and it's exciting to see all the positive feedback on Twitter. You can read more about the tool but I suggest you just try it out.