How Google Website Optimizer Encourages Visitors to Act

I learned a lot about Google Website Optimizer in a presentation at Net Tuesday Vancouver earlier this week. I also have a write-up on Adsense from the same event, if you're interested.

Getting the Most Out of Google Adsense

I checked out the Net Tuesday meetup last night. If you're not familiar with the group, they're bring together social change organizations and social/web media types. Last month's meetup showcased some exciting projects going on in Vancouver so I was looking forward to my second time at Net Tuesday.

Setting Up OpenFrameworks with Code::Blocks

I just got setup with OpenFrameworks which is sort of the C++ version of the popular Processing engine. OpenFrameworks launched fairly recently so I had a few kinks getting up and running. Hopefully this helps.

I'm using Code::Blocks as my editor, and OpenFrameworks prerelease v0.06 on Windows XP. At the end of the tutorial you'll have compiled and run an OpenFrameworks application that does nothing. Fortunately, it doesn't die spewing errors either. (-;

Flash and Flex Developer Hourly Rates at HotGigs

I remember scouring the internet for information about what other Flash developers were charging for their work sometime last year. The only information available was in the forums and it varied wildly. Some people were charging $20/hour and others upwards of $120.

In 2008, things are a lot easier.

Using D.eval for Actionscript Evaluation in Flash CS3

I was using the Hurlant AS3 eval library in Flex with no problems but when I tried to use it in Flash I couldn't get it to compile. After prodding the internet a bit more I've found a way to get eval for AS3 working in Flash!

Convenient Flash/Flex Docs with ASDoc and a Batch File

Ages ago I did a quick comparison of some Actionscript documentation generators and found good tools but nothing that fit my needs perfectly. Finally, the search is over.

Getting Visible Bounds in Actionscript 3.0

In Actionscript 3.0 the getBounds() method will include invisible display objects in its calculations. I had a situation where I didn't want this and frankly, was a bit surprised that invisible objects were included in the calculation at all.

Solution source code after the break.

Quickly Visualizing Mouse Movement Distance in Excel

In my last post I talked about using Excel to visualize debug output. As another example, here's a short program for tracking the distance that the mouse has traveled.

Use Excel to Quickly Visualize Debug Output

In programming projects you sometimes need a quick line graph to see what's going with, say, a physics simulation. Instead of implementing the chart in your app, here's a quick way to view it using Excel.

Eval in AS3: Tips for Executing Dynamic Actionscript

If you miss the eval method from AS2, the AS3 Eval library from Hurlant is what you're looking for. I found there were extras I needed so I created a wrapper class which you might find useful.