Website Back Online With a New Theme

I started the process of upgrading to Drupal 6. Turned out, I had terrible timing and was suddenly swamped with work so the website has been down for several days now. Happy to say it's back up and running.

Downside is, I still don't have time to properly complete the upgrade so there's going to be a lot of quirky behaviour. If you find broken or strangely-behaving pages, you can help me out by giving me a heads up.


SketchyD Favourites for August

The top picks from SketchyD this month are dogs, squirrels, and shooting. It's not as hunty as it sounds.

The Scope of this Blog is Expanding

Currently, this blog is mostly an outlet for programming experiments and a resource for technical tutorials and source code. Those will continue with their regular irregularity, however, I'm shifting the scope a bit to also include less-technical topics and ideas.

PayPal Can't Handle Identical Home and Business Addresses

This one's for people who use PayPal for their home business.

Apparently, the PayPal system isn't able to use the same address for home and business. When I moved, I created a new address, set it as my home address, and updated my credit cards. Problem was, the old address was still listed as my business address.

Ideas on Tap Tonight!

Deadlines prevented me from giving up a full day to Flex/AIR training. Still a little disappointed about that as I'm sure I would have learned a lot. So try again. Barring some major catastrophe, I will be attending Ideas on Tap tonight.

Looking forward to hearing the speakers. Hears a quick rundown.

Nature's Mandatory Downtime

recovering. by-symptoms: bed blanket claustrophobia, lipton chicken noodle soup overdose, and too much singing with the "sexy," smoky voice.

It's not often I get sick and it's been years since illness has kept me away from work for more than a day. I spent Monday to Wednesday and most of Thursday lying in bed with no energy.

On the Usefulness of Twitter

Yes, I use Twitter.

In some circles, that would mean I'm up on social media. In others, it's a confession. After eight months I haven't broken one "tweet" per day so I'm still sitting on the fence but I'm starting to see the benefit of receiving the updates.

Chasing a Bus for Its Free Wireless

Phew, it's been a while since posting here. The last two months have been super awesome/busy/exciting with work. Things still aren't slowing down but I'm gonna make an effort to keep this blog updated. If you're interested in what I've been up to, check out the Asterisq blog.

For now...

What Do You Do With Your Old Ideas?

Brain crack. According to video-blogging comedian Ze Frank, we get addicted to brain crack when we hoard a brilliant idea that's going to change everybody's lives and make us rich and famous. At least, that's how we see it in our minds.

Constellation Roamer Featured on Flowing Data

Nathan Yau just posted an article about the market for online visualizations and featured Constellation Roamer as one of the available "premium visualization" products. It's an interesting comparison of the online visualization tools that are out there from a business perspective. He's already got quite a discussion going in the comments so go have look.