Vancouver Open Data Hackathon: DTES Cloud

Downtown Eastside Wordle

Nearly two dozen people attended the Vancouver Open Data Hackathon today to bump heads and code. After a round of introductions we forgot names but somehow remembered those with common interests for what to do with all the data that the City had made available to us.

How Google Website Optimizer Encourages Visitors to Act

I learned a lot about Google Website Optimizer in a presentation at Net Tuesday Vancouver earlier this week. I also have a write-up on Adsense from the same event, if you're interested.

Getting the Most Out of Google Adsense

I checked out the Net Tuesday meetup last night. If you're not familiar with the group, they're bring together social change organizations and social/web media types. Last month's meetup showcased some exciting projects going on in Vancouver so I was looking forward to my second time at Net Tuesday.

Vancouver Set to Publish Open Datasets

I attended the Net Tuesday Meetup last night and got to see a variety of people talk about the cool projects they're undertaking in Vancouver. Turns out there's a lot going on, but there was one presentation in particular that struck a chord with me.

Ideas on Tap Tonight!

Deadlines prevented me from giving up a full day to Flex/AIR training. Still a little disappointed about that as I'm sure I would have learned a lot. So try again. Barring some major catastrophe, I will be attending Ideas on Tap tonight.

Looking forward to hearing the speakers. Hears a quick rundown.

Free Day of Flex/Flash/AIR Training!

If you're in Vancouver or thereabouts and would like to learn up on Flex, Flash, and AIR, now's your chance! On Thursday there's a free full day of training. They're calling it "RIA Day" and it's happening at the Vancouver Harbour Centre.

RIP: A Remix Manifesto. Mashups and Copyright

Last night I saw the sneak preview of Brett Gaylor's documentary, RIP: A Remix Manifesto, a film about copyright in the internet age. We live in a society where downloading music and movies is easy. The technology that makes it possible raises a lot of questions about intellectual property.

Midforms 09 is Coming!

Yesterday I helped setup Midforms 09, a three-day digital media event in Vancouver. There's lots more to do but already I can see how awesome this exhibit is going to be.

Stephen Jagger at Third Tuesday

It's been nearly a week since entrepreneur Stephen Jagger spoke at Third Tuesday but I wanted to post some of the highlights of his presentation, "Tools for Growth."

Now the title of the talk didn't quite describe the topic: Jagger's list of tools were more relevant to cutting costs and running virtual businesses. One of the businesses he's involved with runs a real estate website, Ubertor. Since it's founding eight years ago, the company made a transition from the typical office-based company to a virtual business where everybody worked from home.

Creative Thinking as the Regurgitation of Old Ideas

Just got back from a talk put on by the Vancouver User Experience Group titled, "Creative Thinking Hacks." The speaker, Scott Berkun, certainly hit a lot of interesting points during those ninety minutes.