Do You Have a Polling Addiction?

My name is Daniel and I'm a polling addict. Anyone who works on a computer connected to the internet knows what I'm talking about. It's those compulsive visits to the likes of Craigslist, eBay, and even services like Google Analytics to see if there's been any change. We're waiting for new job postings or new bids or a slew of new visits from a referring website. Each of these tools definitely has its use but we polling addicts check on them with pointless frequency.

Regular Expressions: No Such Thing as Repeated Captures?

Finally found a tough spot where regular expressions don't perform. If you're trying to capture a list of values with unknown length, you could be up for some extra work!


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Silverlight Page-Turning Demo

Microsoft recently launched their Flash competitor, Silverlight, a cross-platform, cross-browser media player. I took a look at the demos and I have to say I was generally unimpressed. The page-turning demo in particular was disappointing. I remember seeing Erik Natzke demo the effect in his presentation at Flash-in-the-Can 2004.