New Twitter Network Graph Viz

Mentionmap Twitter visualization

I just finished up a graph visualization for your Twitter network. It's a dynamic, interactive application that tracks the number of times you mentioned other users or hashtags.

See Your Facebook Friends' Musical Tastes

Another graph visualization using Facebook data. This time you can explore your friends' musical tastes.

Facebook Constellation

A screenshot of the Facebook music visualization in action. Go ahead and explore your friends' tastes in music.

Visualize Your Wordpress Blog Posts and Categories

This has got to be the easiest way to get your Wordpress blog data into a graph visualization. I've done most of the legwork for integrating with Constellation Roamer so all you have to do is set some configuration options and upload. Give it a try!

Similar Music Visualization: Compare Artists and Genres

A quick test for visualizing similar artist data harvested from MusicBrainz and Last.FM. It's also been coupled with Amazon's web service so you can see a list of albums sold by the artist.

I've been working on a backend web service data harvester for several months. Now that it's ready I put together a Constellation visualization as quickly as I could.

Flash Graph Visualizations at

Constellation Roamer, a Flash graph visualization tool, is now available for purchase at

Playing with Fibonacci in Visualization Layout Algorithms

The tightly-packed seeds of a sunflower are a popular example of the occurrence of the Fibonacci sequence in nature and certainly not the only one. Some time ago I read an article about using Fibonacci numbers and the Golden Ratio to create pleasing layouts and logos. Here's an example of how I've applied the idea.

Sunflower image by Esdras Calderan

Visualizing the Structure of the EPA's Website using Constellation

Constellation is being used to visualize the structure of a wiki website for the EPA's Environmental Information Symposium. Read on for more info and a link.

Constellation: Thinkmap-Like Graph Visualizations in Flash

Flash network visualization interface

These Thinkmap-like interfaces are perfect for displaying social networks, sitemaps, and citation maps. I've developed visualizations for several projects using Actionscript. To find out about the interface and see other implementations, read on.

Constellation Now Loads Node Graph Data Faster

Optimizations to the network navigation interface improve load times by 80%!