Vancouver Open Data Hackathon: DTES Cloud

Downtown Eastside Wordle

Nearly two dozen people attended the Vancouver Open Data Hackathon today to bump heads and code. After a round of introductions we forgot names but somehow remembered those with common interests for what to do with all the data that the City had made available to us.

Import Drupal Comments into Disqus

Among the recent updates to this powered-by-Drupal blog is a switch to having Disqus manage comments. The standard comment module has a few shortcomings which are solved by Disqus. However, Disqus isn't without its own problems and the absent "import comments from Drupal" functionality is one of them.

Setting Up OpenFrameworks with Code::Blocks

I just got setup with OpenFrameworks which is sort of the C++ version of the popular Processing engine. OpenFrameworks launched fairly recently so I had a few kinks getting up and running. Hopefully this helps.

I'm using Code::Blocks as my editor, and OpenFrameworks prerelease v0.06 on Windows XP. At the end of the tutorial you'll have compiled and run an OpenFrameworks application that does nothing. Fortunately, it doesn't die spewing errors either. (-;

Using ASDoc with MXML Files and Included Scripts

The new ASDoc tool in Flex 4 does a great job getting rid of problems documenting with MXML components. You can now document projects that contain references to MXML and you can document the MXML components themselves!

The ASDoc documentation generator tool that ships with Flex is extremely useful but not without its drawbacks. In Flex 3, ASDoc's support for MXML files is missing completely: not only does it produce no documentation for MXML files, it won't even compile if your regular ActionScript classes make any references to MXML components.

ASDoc Notes: Tags and Excluding Classes

Some quick notes using Adobe's ASDoc tool for generating Actionscript documentation.

amCharts in Flex?

There is a variety of splendid Flash charts available for free at amCharts. Unfortunately, they're designed for embedding in HTML pages and don't work so well in Flex.

Setting Up Eclipse for Tomcat Development

There are some great resources out there that make it a pleasure to work on Tomcat projects using the Eclipse IDE. This tutorial is one of them.

How to Get the Current Page's URL into Flash

A quick trick for determining the URL of the page in which your Flash movie is embedded. This could be useful for keeping track of the state of a web application but it does rely on Javascript being enabled.

Your Customizable Flash Apps Could Steal Your Business

How to discourage third parties from using your XML-driven Flash apps for other purposes.

Why Sentences Have Multiple Parse Trees

The OpenNLP parser will often return multiple possible trees for a sentence. Here's why.