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New Twitter Network Graph Viz

Mentionmap Twitter visualization

I just finished up a graph visualization for your Twitter network. It's a dynamic, interactive application that tracks the number of times you mentioned other users or hashtags.

Improving the Baby Name Explorer Interface

The Baby Name Brainstorm

The new baby name visualization tool from Baby Name Brainstorm has been making the rounds in all the visualization blogs. It's a great platform for exploring a huge data set of first names. It's aesthetically pleasing, very responsive, and a pleasure to use.

That said, I noticed a couple things that could be improved.

See Your Facebook Friends' Musical Tastes

Another graph visualization using Facebook data. This time you can explore your friends' musical tastes.

Facebook Constellation

A screenshot of the Facebook music visualization in action. Go ahead and explore your friends' tastes in music.

Visualizing GPS Data from Skiing

Another test application for visualizing data collected by my GPS logger. This time the data is from skiing at Whistler Mountain.

I only made it to Whistler once for skiing this past winter season but I didn't forget my GPS logger. I collected the day's data and, aside from browsing Google Earth a couple times, it's remained untouched.

Similar Music Visualization: Compare Artists and Genres

A quick test for visualizing similar artist data harvested from MusicBrainz and Last.FM. It's also been coupled with Amazon's web service so you can see a list of albums sold by the artist.

I've been working on a backend web service data harvester for several months. Now that it's ready I put together a Constellation visualization as quickly as I could.

GPS Coordinate Editor Using Flash and Google Maps

I built an editor for adding and removing markers in a poly line. The editor features your basic select, add, and delete functions, and also uses a pretty nifty algorithm to determine the characterizing points out of hundreds of candidate points.

Calculate the Distance to the Edge of Any Shape*

I wrote a custom renderer for Constellation which can represent nodes with squares, triangles, or pentagons. And in order to have arrows pointing at the nodes without overlap I got to do some math...

Visualizing Velocity Along a Path on a Map

Check out this demo of some data from my GPS logger displayed over Google Maps. The interesting part here is that the path varies in thickness to indicate how much time I spent in an area.

Actionscript 3.0 Splines with Variable Thickness

I recently ported a script that draws splines of varying thickness to ActionScript 3.0. Click through for the demo and a link to Michal Migurski's original script.

Umbrella People... in Perspective!

An old side-project. After working through the equations for translating 3D points to a 2D screen I decided to apply it to a little animation.

This is a really old side-project that uses 3D perspective to place and size a bunch of people carrying umbrellas. I also put together the animations.